South Austin Sober Living LLC


Our community is unlike any other in that we place a lot of value on brotherhood and learning to have fun in sobriety. Members of the house frequently attend meetings together and build life-long friendships. Having people around you focused on achieving the same thing that you want can have an extremely positive impact on your life if you allow it.


Creating a solid support group is key in early sobriety so we like to provide a smooth transitional process from Rehab (or elsewhere) into a sober house. Our living environments are loving/supportive in their very nature & having solid support increases the chances of long-term sobriety.


We believe in holding one another accountable so that everybody can peacefully co-exist within the household and maximize their experience in recovery. Everyone is required to attend outside meetings / house meetings & be actively participating in their recovery. The guidelines are in place to provide structure so everybody is on the same page.


We support your recovery and journey and believe it's our job to aid the process and help out in any way we can. In recovery we learn how to become more self-aware and make conscious choices changing the direction of our life. Creating a foundation of friends and support can be crucial on the path to sobriety.