South Austin Sober Living LLC

Quailfield Sober House

The Quailfield house has a down to earth atmosphere and a tight knit community. Everything is newly renovated in this enjoyable communal space.


We strive to create communities that enrich one another and encourage positive support between housemates. All members actively participate in their own recovery and abide by house guidelines. Plenty of meetings/activities are located nearby.


Living Room: Consists of two sectionals with a TV in every room.

Kitchen: All necessary appliances (oven/microwave/dishwasher/pots/pans/two refrigerators)

Backyard: Open outdoor patio with a grill and room for activities.

-Washer&Dryer On-Site

Take a Tour!

Get in touch with us today and come view the wonderful space. We would be delighted to show you what we have to offer!